Pacific Beachcomber

Hotel Ownership

Pacific Beachcomber owns six hotels and resorts managed by InterContinental Hotel Group (IHG) and Maitai hotels


Luxury Cruises

Featuring the award-winning luxury ship the
m/s Paul Gauguin, sailing to Tahiti, French Polynesia and the South Pacific, and the newest luxury ship the m/v Tere Moana, sailing to the Caribbean, Panama Canal, and Europe


Marlon Brando's Dream

Pacific Beachcomber's next resort project is The Brando, a luxury eco-resort located on Tetiaroa, the late actor's remote private island. Tetiaroa will also be home to the Tetiaroa Society, a nonprofit organization dedicated to research, conservation, and education related to the delicate ecology of the atoll. Read More >

In The News

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Leaders in Sustainability

Pacific Beachcomber has conceived, developed, and installed the first private air-conditioning system using deep-sea water, called SWAC (Sea Water Air Conditioning).

Environmental Preservation

We are founding members of Te Mana O Te Moana, a Tahiti-based nonprofit organization devoted to the protection of marine wildlife—particularly the green sea turtle.
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